Member Instructions and Policies

An up-to-date guide on the requirements of our members every semester and the roles and jobs of members, officers, and the Executive Board. 

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AED Constitution

Looking for more information on AED and our membership? Consider reading our constitution. In it, you will find who we are, what we do, what we require from our members and officers, our by-laws, and any other important information about AED. Click below to read it.

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Honorary Membership Requirements

AED accepts members from all years of college: freshman all the way through post-baccs. If you are a freshman or sophomore student who has not completed their introductory science courses, you can still join as an Honorary member! Click below to see how Honorary Members differ from National Members.

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AED Fall 2022 Humanitarian Policies

Curious to see how Covid-19 affects the requirements for this semester? See the breakdown of the humanitarian and meeting hours required here.