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Professional Development Committee Officers

About the Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is committed to helping students become more comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable in regards to the interview process, application cycle, and more prior to attending professional health school. As a committee, we aim to help students become more comfortable working in a professional environment. We provide students with the opportunity to experience the interview process they will encounter when applying to professional health schools by hosting mock interviews, both traditional and multiple mini interview style, as well as hosting workshops. Our goal is to assist our future professional health members further develop and improve skills, such as communication skills, that will lead them to become exceptional leaders in their designated area of work.

Committee Policies

Officer Responsibilities

  • Create PowerPoint slides, emails, and announcements to inform AED members of future mock interviews (MMI/traditional).

  • Reserve rooms/spaces with Dr. Nika and the College of Sciences for mock interviews.

  • Research and find challenging interview questions that accurately reflect medical school interviews

  • Act as an ADCOM (admissions committee) interviewer.

  • Facilitate the timing/flow/organization of tradition and MMIs.

  • Provide well-balanced constructive criticism and positive feedback to interviewees post-interview.

  • Provide guidance and advice regarding constructing a Personal Statement.

  • Provide guidance and advice regarding constructing a resume/CV.

Interested in an Officer Position?

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