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Physician Shadowing Committee Officers

Committee Policies

Member Responsibilities

  • Fill out all paperwork required by the physician/clinic/hospital/AED/others 

    • Ex. NDA or HIPPA forms

  • Fill out this form to shadow physicians in your fields of interest​​

  • Members must contact a physician, set their own shadowing schedule, and report the schedule to your AED point of contact (message or email)

    • Saher - 702-862-6258

    • Rubaab - 702-826-1246

    • Baylor - for ER at Sunrise - 702-205-5749


  • Show up on time. 

  • Members must dress in a professional manner (closed toed shoes, full length bottoms, sleeved tops).

  • If a member must cancel, then contact the healthcare professional and the designated person 24 hours in advance (unless it’s an emergency). 

  • If a member is more than 10 minutes late or cancels within 24 hours (unless it’s an emergency), then they will be given a warning. If you are given three warnings, you will not be allowed to shadow anymore.

  • Maximum shadowing time time: 20 hours per health professional

    • Except ER

  • Cap: 3 shadowing experiences

  • Notify the physician and the Physician Shadowing Committee of your intention to finish your shadowing experience at least 1 week before your final day so a new student may take your place.

  • Notify the Physician Shadowing Committee on your last day of shadowing to confirm the completion of your shadowing experience.

  • Give a hand-written Thank You letter (or some other form of gratitude) to the physician(s) you shadowed (and any other supportive staff if you want) that were instrumental in your learning on your last day of shadowing.

  • Fill out this form at the end of the shadowing experience to share your feedback

  • Fill out this form after you have completed a shift at VMSN

Interested in an Officer Position?

Click below to see the list of available positions and how to apply!

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