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Humanitarian Committee Officers

Committee Policies


Officer Responsibilities

  • Contact agencies in organizing events for the fall & spring semesters.

  • Maintain continual contact with agencies during semester for additional events.

  • Be assigned to specific events to manage during the semester.

  • When assigned to an event, officer is responsible for: posting the event, managing signs ups (including cancellations/waitlist), attending event, having members sign in/out & posting event hours following the event.

  • At events, officers are expected to ensure that all members are participating and making all members (new or old) feel comfortable at events.

  • Officers are expected to take photos of members participating at events for our communications director and to fill out a historian report following events.

  • Attend committee meetings and any additional events per committee chairs.


Officer Rules

  • Officers are expected to be in charge of 15 hours worth of humanitarian events. These events must be from our committee and do not include blood/bone marrow drives, Healthy Smiles, or cat clinics. However, any additional hours to complete your 20 hour requirement can come from these events.

  • Humanitarian officers must fulfill their 20 hour requirement every semester with no exceptions.

  • Hour requirements for Humanitarian officers are subject to change depending on the circumstances of that semester. Fall 2021 officers will need to lead a minimum of 10 hours of humanitarian events and complete the 15 hour requirement.

  • Member hours must be posted within 48 hours after an event has occurred to limit delays.

  • Officers are expected to follow the same attendance standards as AED members. Officers who cancel events, drop assigned events and arrive late on a constant basis will be subject to dismissal.

  • Appropriate conduct is expected out of all officers. Any inappropriate behavior from officers will result in automatic removal from the committee and AED if necessary.

  • Members must stay on the committee for a minimum of one semester; however, continued semesters are always welcomed. An officer may be asked to re-interview if we feel that the officer did not fulfill all their roles for the semester.

Interested in an Officer Position?

Click below to see the list of available positions and how to apply!

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