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Fundraising Committee Officers

Committee Policies

  1. All members of the Honorary or National Memberships must complete one stand fundraising credit per academic year. 

    1. For the Fall semester, this includes members whose last names begin with the letters A-M. 

    2. For the Spring semester, this includes members whose last names begin with the letters N-Z. 

    3. A ‘roll over’ may occur on a case-by-case basis in which members complete their stand fundraising credit in the semester after their assigned semester. 

      1. Ex: a member with the last name Brown completes their credit in the Spring semester 

    4. A ‘buyout’ occurs when members opt to pay a monetary fee in place of their stand fundraising credit. The buyout price is determined by the Fundraising Committee and Executive Board.

    5. Members of the Post-Baccalaureate Membership are not required to complete stand fundraising events. 

  2. All members must complete one concession stand training prior to the date of the stand fundraising event, per the Thomas & Mack Coordinator.

    1. Attendance at the training = 1 meeting credit

  3. All members must stay for the entire duration of the stand fundraising event if they wish to receive their stand fundraising credit. 

  4. All members over the age of 21-years-old must complete TAM training ( and serve as cashiers during the events. 

    1. Exemptions are determined by the Fundraising Committee

  5. All members must cancel their RSVP at least 72 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel one’s attendance within this time period will result in a deduction of 1 meeting credit.

  6. Failure to complete the required stand fundraising credit in the member’s designated semester will result in Fundraising Probation per the NV Beta Constitution. Fundraising Probation requires members to complete 2 stand fundraising events in the following semester. 

    1. By-Law 2.5a: “Failure to fulfill this credit will require the member to face fundraising probation whereby 2 stand fundraising credits in the successive semester must be completed to avoid membership termination.”

  7. While at stand fundraising events, members must comply with the dress code: AED shirt, long black pants, black shoes, and plain black hat. 

  8. While at stand fundraising events, members must conduct themselves with integrity, professionalism, and kindness. It is at the discretion of the Fundraising Committee Stand Lead to remove members from the event if they are not cooperating.

Officer Responsibilities

  • Work closely with other committee members to organize fundraising events each semester.

  • Work closely with fundraising partners and coordinate fundraising events.

  • Help organize Fundraising Committee sponsored community fundraising events.

  • Lead at least one assigned event per semester.

  • Fulfill tasks and requirements as delegated by the Chairs.


Officer Rules

  • Attend each pre-semester meeting with committee chairs and members to discuss upcoming fundraising events for that semester.

  • Each fundraising event will be led by a minimum of two Fundraising Committee officers.

  • When leading a fundraising event, the officer must act as the principal representative of AED.

  • Each officer must be present at least 1 fundraising event during one semester, not including the fundraising event(s) spent shadowing.


Interested in an Officer Position?

Click below to see the list of available positions and how to apply!

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