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Educational Outreach Committee Officers

Committee Policies

Officer Responsibilities

  •  Research and share contact details of various CCSD high schools to committee co-chairs to then reach out to for the high school outreach presentations.

  • Have knowledge about conducting high school outreach presentations for CCSD schools.

  • Know about the general college application process and various pre-health pathways available in Las Vegas.

  • Speak to and answer questions from teachers and students during presentations.

  • Train volunteers on proper demonstration techniques and school etiquette when presenting.

  • Know how to navigate the AED website in order to post events and announcements.

  • Be active and present at the majority of the high school presentations.


Officer Rules

  • Officers must be present at the majority of the presentations, depending on each officer’s schedule.

  • There must be at least one officer in attendance at each presentation.

  • Officers must complete the drafted outreach slides at least 1 week prior to presentation.

  • Officers must wear an AED shirt during high school outreach presentations.

  • Officers must be appropriate on CCSD campuses and professional during presentations.

  • Officers must stay on the committee for a minimum of one semester. If an officer is not fulfilling the responsibilities expected of them, they will be asked to re-interview for the position or will be removed from the committee.

  • There is a minimum number of 2 presentations/events that must be planned each semester and more than 2 events is always encouraged if possible.

Interested in an Officer Position?

Click below to see the list of available positions and how to apply!

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