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Blood Drive Committee Officers

Committee Policies

Officer Responsibilities

  • Work closely with other committee members to organize 3 two-day drives per semester and 2 one-day drives per summer (approximately)

  • Work closely with United Blood Services and our coordinator to organize these drives

  • Handle social media, canvassing/marketing, and booking spaces for drives if necessary

  • Recruit donors via United Blood Services, campus marketing events, and/or social media

  • Handle AED event posts and volunteers

  • Be present during drives to manage donors and volunteers


Officer Rules

  • Attend each pre-semester meeting with committee chairs and members to discuss upcoming drives for that semester.

  • When delegated a task for a specific drive by a committee chair, that task must be completed in full. If not, that officer will be held accountable. Officer tasks include but are not limited to:

    • Sending rebelmail announcements for each drive

    • Handling social media posts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc…

    • Sending out the AED volunteer post and managing the day before/of details with volunteers. (Should be posted no later than one week before the upcoming drive).

    • Email donors via the United Blood Services website. (This is most efficient when completed one week before the upcoming drive).

    • Sending out a general AED post for member participation during each drive, possibly a couple of days before each drive.

    • Inputting volunteer/officer hours on the AED website after each drive.

    • Making announcements in classes and reaching out to professors for extra credit for donors

  • Each officer must be present at least 10 hours at drives during one semester. Each member must participate at all drives. (This means that you must have 10 hours tallied up at the end of a semester, having attended all 3 drives).

  • Each officer must be present at least 2 hours at drives during each summer drive.

  • Members must provide their availability for each drive via a Doodle poll administered by one of the chairs. At least one officer must be present during each shift at all times during a drive.

  • Members must show up to the shift they committed to via the Doodle poll. Failure to show up without notice will result in disciplinary action.

  • Incoming officers are required to shadow current officers one semester before their designated start as an officer, and must be exposed to each task and how drives operate before officially becoming a blood drive committee officer.

  • Each committee member must commit at least one semester as an officer, not including the semester spent shadowing.

Interested in an Officer Position?

Click below to see the list of available positions and how to apply!

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